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While I source, edit and compile my list of Articles & Howto's regarding information and fixes on many topics such as Mechanical, Electrical, Hardware and Software, they will be added here to this slowly growing list to view.

Even though this list may well be very minimal at the moment, I am working on it, so please bear with me.


Honda VTR1000F Firestorm Superhawk Regulator Rectifier Modification
Replacing the charging unit on a Honda VTR1000F Firestorm / Superhawk cheaply and with ease.




iTunes - De-authorise and Re-authorise Your Computer
A easy solution with just a few clicks, when you receive the message 'You cannot authorise more than 5 computers'.

Why Is Dropbox So Slow And Can It Sync Any Faster?
A easy solution with just a few clicks to speed up your Dropbox.

Microsoft Windows 7 Desktop Background Wallpaper Resizing
An easy simple solution to resize and stretch your desktop wallpaper background to fit the whole screen automatically.

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